Roero Arneis DOCG “PATOJ”

Patoj: deception in Piedmontese dialect. For its beautiful golden color, it was planted together with other varieties in the vineyard to deceive the birds by attracting them and preventing the bunches of more precious varieties such as, for example, Nebbiolo get bunches of varieties



The Arneis variety has been a constant presence for centuries on the not too compact soil dedicated to the vine to the left of the River Tanaro.
Each year the grapes cultivated on these vineyards make a white Roero Arneis with an engaging fragrance and minerality together with very special organoleptic qualities.

A compact strawyellow with golden highlights, it has an intensely fruity, clear-cut nose of hazelnut, lemon, sage and apple, and a dry taste with good body and balance.
It is a fine companion during those happy moments with tasty appetizers before sitting down to a meal, and a perfect match for delicate dishes.

Technical sheet

VINEYARD: Produced from the grapes of several vineyards, placed on the hills in Roero.

SOIL: Marly, medium firm.


GRAPE: 100% Arneis.

AVERAGE DENSITY: 4000 vines/hectare.

TRAINING: Guyot with arched canes.

HARVEST: From 10 to 20 September.

VINIFICATION: Pressing of the grapes, fermentation of the clear must in controlled temperature stainless steel tanks, cold stabilization.

AGEING: 2-4 months lying horizontally in an underground cellar.